Storyboard Video Productions

Our portfolio of videography, graphic design, illustration and photography represents examples of the work we create with Unlimited Vision. Whether your story is conducive to using humour or relies on visual appeal, we create a compelling narrative to promote a place, service or product. In the Okanagan Valley stunning landscapes of vineyards, orchards and rolling hills add to our storytelling and when used in a certain light, the scenery helps convey the allure of a company’s product or service.

Background: Unlimited Vision, founded 18 years ago, has been the ad agency of record for some of the largest outdoor gear companies in the industry. Our mandate is to create the most effective means of storytelling to inspire and inform our client’s target market about their product. We are adept at sussing out new ways of creating engagement through social media… Ask us how we can help you connect with your intended audience.

If you have a creative project – from a video needing a compelling way of telling your company’s story to an ad campaign – you need people with vision and the means of getting your story out there. Let’s chat.

Stephanie Seaton
Unlimited Vision, (photography and graphic design), Summerland Online, (community publication) Storyboard Productions (videography)