Roark Critchlow

Roark Critchlow

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Media Release: November 9, 2017

Local Okanagan actor Jamie Eberle of Many Hats Theatre Co and TV actor Roark Critchlow (Dr Mike Horton on Days of our Lives, Tom Marin on Pretty Little Liars, Starbuck's dad on Battlestar Galactica etc) light up the screen as a feisty father and his beleaguered son in a new video about Prairie Valley Lodge in Summerland, BC. Their antics in this short story about placing an aging parent in a senior care facility, bring a new and refreshing light to this somewhat difficult topic.

The Prairie Valley Lodge in Summerland, BC is a residential care facility that takes the word 'care' seriously. This little film created to promote the facility, embodies the gentle, upbeat and even humourous atmosphere of the lodge as it follows the efforts of a man (Frank) trying to find a new home for his somewhat cantankerous dad (Francis Sr.). It can be a difficult and worrisome task, but while the story does not minimize the strain aging can have on a parent/child relationship, it does track the journey with a deft touch. There is clearly love between the two and a genuine desire on the part of Frank to get Francis the best care possible, despite dad's reluctance to change.

Frank Jr. finds Prairie Valley Lodge and is captured by it's charm, personal touch and non-institutional approach. When he does manage to bring his dad to the facility, Francis is also beguiled... though still a bit crusty.

Funny, honest, at times touching and definitely positive, the movie mirrors the unique approach of the lodge itself. 

Cast: Roark Critchlow and Jamie Eberle
Video + editing: Stephanie Seaton of Storyboard Video Productions


For more info on the production contact Stephanie Seaton at 1-250-583-9233 at Storyboard Video Productions in Summerland, BC.