Storyboard Weddings

The South Okanagan has some of the best places for photography in Canada along with some of the highest rated venues from which to base a wedding.

Stylish Storytelling

The Storyboard Productions slogan ‘authentic by nature’ speaks to the natural beauty of the Okanagan valley, while also describing what we, as a group, bring to the table. We find the authentic in the venue, people and event and make what is ‘authentic by nature’ even more spectacular.

Storyboard is unique in the Okanagan, in that we can offer the option of an entire team to help you create the most magical of events; a wedding that is a reflection of who you and your partner are as a couple. As one of our grooms said earlier this year, he and his bride liked that they could leave everything to us as are familiar with the local vendors, which they weren't since they were from Vancouver.

Each of our team members – consisting of a photographer/graphic designer, wedding planner, costumes and staging specialist, hair and makeup artist also work independently which means that if you only require the services of one aspect of what we offer, then we can also help you with that.

In terms of locations, our specialty is Summerland, Penticton, Naramata Bench, and the South Okanagan region. We have made it our business to have extensive knowledge on various venues – here are a few examples of wedding locations we have worked with and photographed:

Hillside Winery – The gardens at Hillside Winery are renowned and the winery’s timber-frame building is a standout landmark on the Naramata Bench. Hillside also has a top level bistro with a stunning view from the upper deck. Mood: fun, affectionate, joyful and pretty. A perfect wedding or event venue for close and loving friends.

La Punta Norte – La Punta is a unique Santa Fe themed property with a unique gazebo that sits on a point overlooking Okanagan Lake. The view from the top of the cliffs is incredible and our 2016 wedding on the property was ultra dramatic thanks to storm clouds and high winds. One of the best! Mood: Beautifully styled in a Santa Fe theme, the rooms at this spacious B+B are fun and colourful. A castle in the sky.

Vanilla Pod at Poplar Grove Winery – the view is sweeping and spectacular, the architecture sophisticated and elegant. A wedding venue for the well-heeled. Mood: clean, minimalist, and exclusive.

God’s Mountain Villa – a dreamy place, almost surreal in the way it sits in its Mediterranean backdrop as if plucked out of its European setting and set down gently in the South Okanagan. Quirky and interestingly decorated, it feels like the original shabby chic. Charming and unique is perhaps the best way to describe God’s Mountain. A wonderful venue for a wedding, or a long table dining experience. Mood: dreamy, ethereal, and old world Mediterranean charm.

Encore Vineyards – one of the best views in the Okanagan Valley, this vineyard is situated directly above the lake. The vineyard is surrounded by cherry and apple orchards making it a truly rural perfect location for an Okanagan wedding with views that are some of the most spectacular in the region. Mood: natural yet cultivated charm throughout the well manicured vines. White tents with flags flying and heli landing pad make this is contemporary oasis for a higher end wedding ceremony.

Summerland Waterfront ResortThis Summerland wedding venue is a lovely location with two beaches, and an open lawn area for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The resort also offers the choice of a ballroom with additional tent set-up for after-parties and receptions. Having your wedding at the Summerland Waterfront Resort can be the perfect mini vacation from the city. Stay for a few days and make use of the full watercraft rental facilities that includes everything from paddle boards to wake boats. Mood: fun, with a dash of frivolity.


In the Okanagan things get busy in the wedding season and many vendors are pre-booked for the entire season. As part of our team which primarily consists of a wedding photographer and a wedding planner – we also already have affiliations with the florist, the wedding cake and pastry maker, the hairdresser, and makeup artist so when you secure our services, you don’t need to worry about vendor availability, even if you are booking late. We've done the legwork for you. But if you have your own favourites you’d rather work with, then that’s no problem either. In other words, you can use us a little or a lot.

A perfect wedding day is a reflection of the details. You will find our wedding planner to be diligent in ensuring that down to the nth degree, all the minutiae details are dealt with. Then checked and re-checked! If you would like us to obtain the liquor licenses, or insurance, or something special in the way of decorations for the venue of your choice, Storyboard Weddings will take care of it.

Stephanie Seaton, owner of Storyboard Weddings and Storyboard’s photographer is also an illustrator and graphic designer and creates custom wedding invitations, guest place cards, menus, seating boards – anything that requires graphic design.

No matter what you decide in terms of working with Storyboard Weddings – whether it's simply for wedding photography or wedding planning – we will be delighted to work with you!

Wedding Planning - the nitty gritty

Prior to the wedding we will give you an event schedule that includes a listing of every supplier – from those in charge of the alcohol to the officiant, clergyman, priest, rabbi or whomever you choose to perform the marriage ceremony. Checklists are prepared on all topics from – when and where the appetizers are served to how the family photos will proceed, time allotted for wedding photos and in what order. Our job is to arrange the smallest of weddings details, (like the salt and pepper shakers!) so that you arrive at your wedding in a stress-free state and ready to enjoy the most spectacular day of your life.

It is also part of our job to be available to answer your questions and make you feel confident that all advance planning has been undertaken to make your wedding an opportunity for something incredible.

If you are requiring instant connectivity to our wedding planning team at any time, day or night – we can arrange that through our Concierge service. Answers to questions, advice needed, and vendor suggestions – all of this is available to you within moments.

Drop us a line or give us a call. We’d love to meet with you to sketch out how we can help you create a truly authentic and stunning Okanagan wedding.

Photos; Summerland vista (top left), Vintage fashion show Lakebreeze Winery, Vanilla Pod at Poplar Grove wedding venue (top right)